Artist lineup 2024

Café Amarillo


The first TIMBA band in Fukuoka, led by Shingo Noguchi, a passionate lover of Cuban popular music TIMBA. The members are all Japanese, and they focus on getting as close as possible to the Cuban sound and making their music danceable, aiming to create a band that offers fun live performances. Their repertoire and lineup are diverse, including original songs in Japanese and the Hakata dialect.

2022 :
• First solo concert "Timba de Hakata". The concert hall was jam-packed.
Guests Musician: SiNGO, Kaori Todoroki, Norinori Kajiwara, and Ayumi Mori.
• Participation in the JAPAN LATIN MUSIC FESTIVAL "TIMBA" at Shibuya Stream Hall, in collaboration with the Okinawan band KACHIMBA.
• Opening act in the SiNGO Japan Tour 2022 "de Real 2.0" in Fukuoka.

2023 :
• Organization of regular concerts "Fukuoka Latin Jam Session".
• Solo concert "Timba shiyotto?" in July.
• Participaci√≥n en el Rum Festa Fukuoka 2023 en agosto.