Artist lineup 2024


(French Guyana)

Born in French Guyana and raised in Martinique, Chris Combette is a pioneer on the world music scene. A songwriter and performer with numerous awards and accolades, he combines his Creole roots with a variety of styles, including reggae, bossa nova, biguine, mazouk, soca, zouk, salsa, calypso and kompa to create a truly unique Caribbean sound. Last year, his most recent album 'Les Enfants De Gorée' was released in Japan to critical acclaim. Chris recently also made a version of the Japanese traditional song 'Yosakoi Naruko Odori' called 'Yosakoi Creole' that will be released this summer. Although always touring internationally, this will be his second trip to Japan after last year performing 'Yosakoi Creole' at Tosa no Okyaku in Kochi City with other concerts in Kochi-ken, in addition to a promotional stop in Tokyo.

Percussionist :
Georges “Tijo” Mac

Thanks to the cooperation of INSTITUT FRANÇAIS Kyushu and TV5MONDE, CHRIS COMBETTE's performance is held on Isla de Salsa.