Artist lineup 2024



Salsangroove is a band offering a creative staging and adventurous Colombian sounds, inspired by classic salsa as well as avant-garde electronic vibes. While each song shows great respect for tradition, there is an undeniable search for “treasures”, to explore music in all its aspects in order to continue enriching our culture. New ways of composing, interpreting and understanding ‘Latin music’, a risk-taking project that does not fear error.

After the success of his first album nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2017, Salsangroove makes a striking entry into the Latin American music scene by reinventing the ways of interpreting salsa. From the ancestral drum to the subwoofer, the announcements of the sonero to the jungle beats, passing by a saxophone and its jazzy melodies, the dub or dancehall. The rite, the tradition and the creation are launched on the dance floor, touching the heart and the body of all those who wish to vibrate with joyful and electronic rhythms.

“Salsangroove was quite a surprise, there is the typical tumbao of salsa music, but from a Latin perspective they try to offer new styles, and what surprised me the most was how it combined so well, it’s no usual fusion” Julio Cesar Escobar (Radioaktiva)

For many years, the musicians of Salsangroove have contributed to the construction and promotion of new Colombian sounds. Their work has left its marks on jazz, hard salsa, Colombian folklore, fusions or rock, counting with a great experience that you can hear and feel in every song.