Isla de Salsa 2023

  Artist lineup 2023

Headliner Full Concert:

Juan Formell y LOS VAN VAN

Cuba’s musical bullet train brings non-stop dance energy to Japan!

The legend of the Caribbean, LOS VAN VAN, will wow crowds at the 24th ISLA DE SALSA with exciting and infectious rhythms. The 16-member LOS VAN VAN will come back to Japan with a sharpened, more contemporary edge under the musical direction of master drummer Samuel Formell, heir to the Van Van dynasty after a thirteen-year absence.

Performing artists will be announced in order of decision.


Andean music

Sisay is a native Ecuadorian ensemble that performs traditional and contemporary Andean music at its best.
They are considered one of the main representatives of Ecuadorian and Andean music in Asia.


Trance étnico

Based on rock, trance and hardcore, he develops unique dance music using folk instruments such as the sitar, didgeridoo and djembe. All the members wear traditional Japanese hats and form a circle to perform.


Arabian music

"Bokra" means "morning" in Arabic. It is a trio formed by the musicians of Arabic music from the Kansai region, Shinichi Hata (Arabic violin), Yoshiki Kato (Oud) and Mitsuru Nagata (Darbukka), will present the harmonious interpretation of Arabic music in ISLA DE SALSA.

Machao Arriba!

Latin jazz / Tropical

A band formed by the founder of High Notes Big Band with selected musicians from his Big Band, Machao Arriba!.
Their performance on stage makes viewers enjoy the Caribbean rhythm creating a warm atmosphere.



The first Japanese reggaeton singer "S.I.".
He found Latin music passionate and sexy, and was influenced by the music of Daddy Yankee, Ozuna, Maluma, etc. Since then he began to present Japanese reggaeton = Japanton.



Japanese Didgeridoo Player.
In the summer of 2018, he toured Europe for 10 weeks and performed at the "Singing Sticks Didgeridoo Festival" in the UK, as well as performing at various venues in the UK and Berlin, Germany.

Intarnational dancers

Mari Yogo

Latin dance

Mike Honda

Latin dance

Carlos Realpe

Latin dance

Diego Valero


Delfina Pissani


Florencia Dominguez

Arabian dance

Daniel Corres



Latin dance


Arabian dance

Tatsuya Nakagawa

Flamenco guitar